Levitt Robinson believes that successful legal representation is a partnership.
Levitt Robinson has gained rich experience from its diverse client base which spans from Sydney right across the globe.
We won't stop until we achieve what our clients want - a just outcome.
We are defined by our unwavering determination and strategic solutions.
Sherwood v Commonwealth Bank of Australia Proposed Settlement
For information on the proposed settlement in Sherwood v Commonwealth Bank of Australia, please CLICK HERE
Lee v Bank of Queensland Settlement Scheme
For information on the settlement scheme in Lee v Bank of Queensland, please CLICK HERE

Levitt Robinson Solicitors is a leading boutique law firm based out of Sydney, Australia.

We specialise in corporate/commercial disputes and financial services litigation, as well as class action lawsuits. We also have strong practices in family law, migration law, criminal law, and human rights law.

We are known for going out of our way to achieve a commercial outcome for our clients. Through operating from a low cost base and avoiding the “bells and whistles” often found at larger firms, we deliver top-level service at competitive prices. We are also a market leader in offering alternative costs arrangements, including fixed fees or conditional/outcome-based fees.

Our legal team includes some of the most experienced and highly-regarded commercial litigation lawyers in Sydney.

That is how we have been able to tackle some of the largest and most complex corporate and financial services lawsuits in recent Australian history, despite being a fraction of the size of most of our competitors.

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