7-Eleven Class Action and Your Rights

Levitt Robinson believes that you may well have a right to receive substantial damages from your Bank – predominantly ANZ bank – and/or accountant, as well as from 7-Eleven head office, and that a class action may do the trick after all for Franchisees. In order to confirm this, we need you to register with Levitt Robinson, and provide the following information, which will be kept confidential:

1. Did you obtain a loan to buy your 7-Eleven Franchise?
2. If so, for how much?
3. What percentage did the loan represent of the purchase price (including Franchise fee and stock etc)?
4. From which Bank and which Branch did you borrow (if applicable)?
5. Who was the bank manager who handled your loan application?
6. Were you asked to put up any security and if so, what was that security?
7. Did you use a mortgage broker to obtain your loan?
8. Who referred you to your lender?
9. Did you or your wife (if applicable) have to give a personal guarantee for the loan, or did any other person have to guarantee the loan? If so, please specify.
10. Did you buy your store from 7-Eleven direct or from a Franchisee?
11. Which accountant or lawyer did you use to help you with your purchase and/or borrowings?
12. Did you use the same accountant or lawyer as the previous operator from whom you bought your store?
13. Who referred you to your accountant?
14. Who referred you to your lawyer?
15. Do you know whether 7-Eleven provided information to your lender/Bank?
16. Did you accountant or lawyer read the Franchise documents and provide you with any advice?
17. If so, did (a) your accountant or (b) your lawyer advise you:

i. to proceed with the purchase; or
ii. not to proceed with the purchase?

Please let us have your answers as a matter of urgency and send them to 711@levittrobinson.com.

The sooner you act, the sooner we will be able to help you.

With Compliments


Stewart A Levitt

Principal Solicitor & Advocate

Levitt Robinson Class Action Division


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