Levitt Robinson Solicitors is a leading boutique law firm based in Sydney, Australia.

We specialise in corporate/commercial disputes and financial services litigation, as well as class action lawsuits. We also have strong practices in family law, migration law, criminal law, and human rights law.

We are known for going out of our way to achieve a commercial outcome for our clients, and have earned a reputation as the lawyers who will fight longer and harder than any others. We often succeed where others have failed, and we are not afraid to take on cases that others are too scared to touch, including against the largest corporations or government bodies.

Through operating from a low cost base and avoiding the “bells and whistles” often found at larger firms, we deliver top-level service at competitive prices. We are also a market leader in offering alternative costs arrangements, including fixed fees or conditional/outcome-based fees.

Our legal team includes some of the most experienced and highly-regarded commercial litigation lawyers in Sydney. That is how we have been able to tackle some of the largest and most complex corporate and financial services lawsuits in recent Australian history, despite being a fraction of the size of most of our competitors.

Our unique business model has also delivered one of the largest ever payouts per class-member in a representative action in Australia (the Richards v Macquarie Bank litigation).

We also have a strong social conscience and a commitment to helping the disadvantaged. We have acted pro bono on several large and high-profile human rights lawsuits, including in the High Court.

Levitt Robinson advises a diverse range of clients, including many high profile individuals and large corporations, as well as small and medium sized enterprises, small business owners, start-up companies, and trusts/funds. We also advise a number of foreign corporations and overseas financial institutions.

At Levitt Robinson, we never stop until we achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our Languages

We can speak to you in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Bengali, Malay, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Russian and Greek.

Consul Legis

Levitt Robinson is a member of Consul Legis, an international network of independent law firms. This gives our clients access to a global network of law firms who can assist in resolving any cross-border dispute.